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Smoke, Mirrors & Fillers

Courteney Cox gave an interview to New Beauty blog (my latest discovery), last week and admitted that she’s had her fillers dissolved. She said: I feel better because I look like myself. I think… Continue reading

Caitlyn Jenner – You don’t HAVE to say you love her.

I meant to write this post a few weeks ago when Caitlyn Jenner was ‘officially’ introduced to the world. From an anti-ageing point of view, I wanted to point out how amazing she looks… Continue reading


Doesn’t mean you should. We know celebrities crave attention, but trying too hard smacks of desperation. I actually think Beyoncé, though wearing the sheerest and more daring creation, pulls it off best – although her weave… Continue reading

I’m mad, me.

A bit of a ‘I’m gonna rip my make-up artist a new one‘ moment for Victoria Beckham at the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Gala on Thursday in London. I quite like her dress, even… Continue reading

Carol Lightens Up

A hairdresser ‘to the stars’ once told me, celebrities often change their hair in a dramatic way to distract from any facial work they may have had done…  Carol is still a beautiful… Continue reading

FREE Weekly, Digital Magazine to Download: STYLIST UK

Digital magazines, even subscribed ones, can be very hit and miss. A lot of them force you to click a link to their online website before you can properly read an article; they… Continue reading

BAFTA / Grammys 2015: The good, the bad & the worrying

With all the months of preparation and the best stylists, hair and make-up artists at their disposal, it still surprises me how some celebrities get it so wrong on awards night.  Here’s a… Continue reading

Behold, the giant sticking plaster!

I’m not sure what’s worse – the sickly shade of Germolene pink, the camel toe, (is that a celeb ‘thing‘ now?) or that fact that Miss ‘works out 8 days a week‘ Paltrow is wearing… Continue reading

PICTURE THIS! Two photos, 35 years apart

I had to do a double take when I saw this photo of 68 year old Debbie Harry performing at the Out100 Gala in New York City last week. I don’t know if… Continue reading

Renée, you’re not looking yourself lately

I mean, she’s still beautiful, but she doesn’t look like Renée Zellweger. Renée’s eyes have always been deeply hooded and I can only speculate (don’t want to get into trouble!) that she’s had some sort… Continue reading

Laura Dern 46, cast as ‘mum’ to 37 year old Reece Witherspoon

Well, it’s Hollywood, innit? What’s particularly galling is that not only is Laura one of the few Hollywood actresses to eschew Botox and plastic surgery but she is also a long time advocate… Continue reading

Beautiful in their 40s, 50s & 60’s

Readers, I give you, Julia Roberts – 45, Sharon Stone – 55 and Goldie Hawn – 67. Admittedly, they’re all Hollywood stars with access to the best beauty treatments and services available, but… Continue reading

Ageing in Hollywood – Jane Leeves Speaks Out

Am I REALLY the only star in Hollywood who hasn’t become a waxwork horror?  British actress Jane Leeves says the unsayable about her colleagues in Tinseltown. Former Frasier star Jane Leeves has attacked… Continue reading

Britt Ekland at 70

I’m going to fess up here and say that I think she doesn’t look too bad. She IS 70 after all. I like that she’s still got the glamour vibe thang going on.… Continue reading

Easing off the Botox pays dividends

Behold Nicole Kidman in Cannes this week, looking stunning and more natural than we’ve seen her look for ages. Notice too, how her eyebrows aren’t raised at the ends ‘Dr. Spock’ style anymore.… Continue reading