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Doesn’t mean you should. We know celebrities crave attention, but trying too hard smacks of desperation. I actually think Beyoncé, though wearing the sheerest and more daring creation, pulls it off best – although her weave… Continue reading

HALL OF FAIL: Nails Inc – Alexa ‘Cashmere’ Nail Polish

To be fair, it’s probably more my fail, than Nails Inc. but still, I think others might fall into the same ‘trap’ if they buy this nail polish without looking at the blurb… Continue reading

I’m mad, me.

A bit of a ‘I’m gonna rip my make-up artist a new one‘ moment for Victoria Beckham at the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Gala on Thursday in London. I quite like her dress, even… Continue reading

Carol Lightens Up

A hairdresser ‘to the stars’ once told me, celebrities often change their hair in a dramatic way to distract from any facial work they may have had done…  Carol is still a beautiful… Continue reading

Ageing Make Up Mishaps: No 6 – TOO MUCH MAKE UP! TRY THE 5:2 SKIN DIET

Poor old celebs and pesky, uncontrollable indoor lighting. I love that Gwen loves make up, but here, it’s not loving her back. I know she needs heavy-duty slap for photographs, but too much… Continue reading

Behold, the giant sticking plaster!

I’m not sure what’s worse – the sickly shade of Germolene pink, the camel toe, (is that a celeb ‘thing‘ now?) or that fact that Miss ‘works out 8 days a week‘ Paltrow is wearing… Continue reading

GWEN STEFANI: Hair, Makeup or Fillers?

Photographed at the Emmy Awards on Monday 25th August 2014, Gwen Stefani is almost unrecognisable (I wouldn’t have known it was her from the above photograph), but just why does she look so… Continue reading

Renée, you’re not looking yourself lately

I mean, she’s still beautiful, but she doesn’t look like Renée Zellweger. Renée’s eyes have always been deeply hooded and I can only speculate (don’t want to get into trouble!) that she’s had some sort… Continue reading

The celebrity dress that only comes in one size

Too small.

Seeing through the ‘INVISIBLE’ women

Kristin Scott Thomas: I am becoming invisible like so many middle-aged women. She is a classically beautiful award-winning actress who starred in some of the biggest British films of the Nineties. But Kristin… Continue reading

Ageing in Hollywood – Jane Leeves Speaks Out

Am I REALLY the only star in Hollywood who hasn’t become a waxwork horror?  British actress Jane Leeves says the unsayable about her colleagues in Tinseltown. Former Frasier star Jane Leeves has attacked… Continue reading

Easing off the Botox pays dividends

Behold Nicole Kidman in Cannes this week, looking stunning and more natural than we’ve seen her look for ages. Notice too, how her eyebrows aren’t raised at the ends ‘Dr. Spock’ style anymore.… Continue reading

Fashion Police EMERGENCY!

And there’s me being annoyed this morning because the edge of my fringe was sticking out at a funny angle.     Kelly doesn’t get off lightly either. She looks like an alien… Continue reading

Scott & Bailey – Criminal Make Up: UPDATED AGAIN!

I have to update this because Suranne Jones has not only won an National Television Award for Best Performance in a Drama for Doctor Foster (just how good was that show? It also… Continue reading

There’s confidence…

And then there’s looking like you’re on your way to audition for a part in Street Girls 2. The annoying thing is that Nancy is already striking enough without having to resort to… Continue reading