Breast Cancer UK #DitchTheJunk

Breast Cancer UK

Breast Cancer UK are running a campaign called Ditch The Junk, advising women to choose their beauty products wisely.

The ever-expanding number of synthetic chemicals found in cosmetics and personal care products is a concern.  Some of these chemicals have been linked to adverse health effects including breast cancer.

Modern living has led to an explosion of synthetic chemicals being used which bombard our bodies on a daily basis.

Breast Cancer UK aren’t saying that we should throw out all our beauty products immediately, they know we live in the real world.

Instead, they suggest that when it’s time to repurchase, we should look at the ingredients list and check them against their chart, to see if we’re able to reduce our exposure to certain harmful chemicals by making smart choices.

Breast Cancer UKI’ve downloaded the charts to my phone to help me with my online and ‘real life’ shopping. I can’t say I’ll be able to check everything I buy from now on, but if I’m armed with this knowledge, then at least I’ll be better informed.

Breast Cancer UK HOPE

A recent study, led by researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, showed that it is possible to reduce our body burden of certain toxic chemicals – in as little as three days, simply by avoiding products known to contain them.


#DitchTheJunk Campaign

Breast Cancer UK
Breast Cancer UK

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