Blank Canvas Master Series Palette No. One UPDATE 1

Blank Canvas Master Series Palette No 1

It’s totally my fault (which makes it so much worse), but I kept meaning to buy this palette last year – it just slipped my mind. Now of course, it’s out of stock, my name’s on the waiting list, but I WANT IT NOW!

Buoyed on by the success of the Pippa Palette, (see the divine, strongly pigmented shades below and read my review here), which I still use every day, I love the look of Blank Canvas Cosmetics Master Series Palette No. 1 and I NEED these eyeshadows to complete me.

The Pippa Palette from Blank Canvas


This palette has the perfect balance of 11 velvety matte shades ranging from a gorgeous vanilla base colour to a dark brown shade. It also contains 1 shimmery champagne highlighter shade. Swoon!


Such beautiful eyeshadows that compliment eye colours. Very nice pigments. Love the brush that comes with the palette, one side perfect for patting on eyeshadow and the other perfect for getting colours blended into the crease.

All colours in the palette go so nicely with each other and they are so easy to blend. Perfect colours for the perfect smokey eye. In love with this palette!

This is the palette I reach for most, from daytime to nighttime. I love it. It’s so gorgeous, pigmented and blendable. I would highly recommend it if you’re thinking of getting it. The colours are mostly warm, so very flattering.

Absolutely love this palette, love all the colours and love that it is matte with the exception of Goddess which is a beautiful sparkly shadow, great pigment too, my favourite palette.

I’d understand if you were put off by the garish looking colours in the truly awful lead photo on the official website below. I find it incredibly misleading, which isn’t fair, this product is made in Ireland, it’s not as if we can take a ‘real life’ look at the shades for ourselves. Why should we have to search for bloggers’ videos to get a true idea of the shades?
Blank Canvas Master Series Palette No 1

The photos on the product pages are a little better, although they’re not as big or as clear as they could be. Do I ever stop moaning?

Blank Canvas Master Series Palette No 1

I’m assuming ‘Lily’ is the same shade as its namesake in the Pippa Palette. It’s the only one I don’t use and again, it’s the one colour I won’t have any use for in the Master Series palette.

But oh my, look at the rest of them, absolute perfection. A sumptuous chocolate box selection of warm, flattering matte shades.


Blank Canvas Master Series Palette No 1 £27.96 Now £30.54 (2016)
Your credit card will be billed in Euros


P&P (shipping) looks like it’s €5.19 (about £4.00)
I’ve just checked my Pippa Palette order from last September and P&P then was €1.99 (£1.55) incredible when you consider how well wrapped it was.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics


  1. March 11, 2016 / 10:45 pm

    Such a good post!

    • March 11, 2016 / 10:47 pm

      Thank you Isabelle! Gorgeous looking palette isn’t it?

      • March 11, 2016 / 11:11 pm

        Stunning 😍

  2. NotQuiteLondon
    March 12, 2016 / 10:02 am

    Lovely post. That pallet is beautiful x

    • March 13, 2016 / 2:28 pm

      I know, I can’t wait to try it. Will try to take some clear photos of the shades. X

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