Bio Sculpture Hand Cream & Cuticle Oil & Nail Trends 2015


Bio Sculpture Hand Cream & Cuticle Oil

Now that’s it officially Spring and with the clocks going forward this Sunday (29th March), this is the time to prep hands and especially nails, to look their best with the new nail polish shades and trends.

Talking of nail colours, I think anything goes this year, there doesn’t seem to be one defining 2015 shade. There are the usual suspects, nudes and pale pinks – not so many pastel colours, although I do love Nails Inc ‘New White’ shades.

I’ve seen a lot blues (teamed with white horizontal and vertical stripes) and the exaggerated ‘half moons manis’ from a couple of years ago have made a return, this time paired with softer, contrasting shades.

Quite a few shades of grey (ha!) – Here’s one of my most repined pins from the wonderful A Polish Addict website. I love these grey tones and my all time favourite nude/grey, is Nails Inc Porcester Square, although my boys still call it mortuary grey.  I’ve not tried the new-ish gel version (yet).

There’s a lot of metallic shades, particularly rich honey hues, rather than cooler toned gold; although I prefer the iciness of silver nails for summer.

Now this is a look I have seen everywhere; negative space art was huge last year. This year’s twist is to not colour the round ‘negative’ shape at all and leave it naked.

I’m not crazy about it, but I can see how incredibly easy this would be to do yourself. Just polish around a round shape – a sturdy piece of plastic will do, et voilà, perfect results every time. Perhaps I might try it with a nude shade.
Now, to get those hands and nails ‘camera ready’ – how do those amazing nail bloggers do it?
From Bio Sculpture’s Spa Range for nails:

Bio Sculpture’s Cuticle Oil softens and nourishes dry hard cuticles on finger nails and toe nails. Massaging this treatment into the nails regularly will balance the oil/moisture level of the cuticle and nail plate.
The Cuticle Oil which is enriched with Vitamin E, helps to re-hydrate cuticles and it is formulated with Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Avocado Oil.


Bio Sculpture Hand Cream is a sophisticated, moisturising cream with Allantoin that will nourish and regenerate skin cells.
The UV sun-filter Benzophenone protects the skin from premature ageing, and will leave hands soft and silky.
This hand cream can be used in combination with Gel and Manicure/Pedicure services.


  • Before you go to bed, exfoliate your hands in warm water. Any exfoliator will do, facial, foot or body scrub.
  • Pay special attention to your cuticles, knuckles and the top of your hands.
  • Dry off your hands properly.
  • Apply the Bio Sculpture Cuticle Oil to your cuticles.
  • Wait 2 minutes for the product to soak into the skin, then apply the Bio Sculpture Hand Cream.
  • Pay attention to your cuticles. Massage the oil into the cuticle with your cream. This will help lock the oil into the cuticles.
  • If needed, apply another amount of hand cream so that your hands feel smooth and supple.
  • Then climb into bed. Your hands will truly benefit from 8 hours of warmth and product.

Daleen Heslop: Certified Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Tech

Bio Sculpture Hand Cream 100ml tube £6.75
Bio Sculpture’s Cuticle Oil 10ml bottle £5.40
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