Best mascara for weak eyelashes ‘DIORSHOW ICONIC MASCARA’

Diorshow Iconic Mascara

I‘ve never got on with mascara. My eyelashes are horribly short and as I’ve got older (gah!) they’re even more sparse.

I’ve been through them all and DiorShow Iconic mascara (the ‘Iconic’ part’s important, I bought the other one and it comes with a giant brush on the wand that smudged mascara on my lid within seconds).

The iconic brush is rubber as opposed to bristles, it’s not too big and doesn’t clog up with dried mascara the way regular wands do. The best part is that it coats teeny lashes without leaving big blobs everywhere.

I use brown (Chestnut) as I find black mascara (ditto eye liner) can make me look a bit ‘hard’. Also, waterproof is best to combat watery eyes, either from harsh winds or a menopausal melting moment.

DiorShow Iconic Mascara £23

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