Behold, the giant sticking plaster!

Gwyneth Paltrow
I’m not sure what’s worse – the sickly shade of Germolene pink, the camel toe, (is that a celeb ‘thing‘ now?) or that fact that Miss ‘works out 8 days a week‘ Paltrow is wearing Spanx!

Still, it draws attention away from whatever she’s had done to her face…

Gwyneth Paltrow
I remember what a hairdresser said to me once, a celebrity who suddenly sports a drastically different hairstyle (or an eye-catching outfit…oh new shoes, Gwyneth?) might be trying to focus attention away from any work they’ve had done. #justsaying

In another less bitchy post: Lisa Rima (51!) was photographed this week in the same dress she first wore in April 2005.

Lisa Rima

She’s an actress although I only know of her through ‘bad Botox and lip filler’ articles and yes, perhaps her mouth is a little too big. But there’s no denying that she looks stunning here.

It’s also a good illustration of what happens when you age. Hair is thinner and less glossy – although she’s stuck firm to a style that suits her. Also, because Lisa’s even slimmer now, the skin on her neck and upper chest looks thinner.

Even Botox can’t replicate the ‘youthful plumpness’ of her face. Although she was 41 in the 2005 photo and a lover of cosmetic enhancements back then I believe. The overall illusion though, is fabulous in these photos and it’s ‘red carpet’ not studio lighting or Photoshop magic, I think she looks wonderful.

It’s not my place to criticise anyone who goes down the Botox route, if there was a way to achieve the same results without a needle, then I’m there (hence this website).  The pressure on us mere mortals over 40 (never mind 50!) to look younger is immense. Take that pressure to Hollywood and it’s no wonder female and more and more male celebrities, are chasing that eternal youth look.

One for the older readers. Lisa is married to Harry Hamlin, he of L.A. LAW fame, remember that programme? His look has matured and it’s great that he’s not trying to be young, he’s moved on. But I prefer the longer, darker haired, disheveled Harry of old.

Lisa Rima Harry Hamlin


27 (long) years ago. Presenting from left to right: Jimmy Smits (swoon), Harry Hamlin, Corbin Bernsen (last seen in Psych) and way too pretty for a guy, Blair Underwood – who by the way, has aged particular well!

LA Law

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