It’s nigh on impossible to buy just one thing from Beauty Pie, there’s always something that catches your eye.

I meant to just stock up on a few tubes of quite frankly, THE best hand cream I’ve ever used, Super Retinol Anti-Ageing Hand Treatment (read my review and see how Beauty Pie membership works here). Unfortunately, It’s currently out of stock because I’ve bought them all. Sorry about that.

I also purchased Uber Youth Re-Elastic Concentrate Serum, Super Healthy Hair Volume Booster, and Dr. Glycolic Micropeeling Pads plus these two body products from Beauty Pie’s Super Healthy Skin range:


Formulated in Italy by a totally brilliant biochemist, this amazing body scrub provides unbeatable smoothing, skin softening and moisturizing in one. It’s enriched with nourishing Omega 3 and Omega 6 Oils, Mango and Papaya Enzymes, antioxidant vitamin E, smoothing Apple Stem Cell extracts, Coconut Milk and real Orange, Lemon and Tonka Bean essences. It smells subtle, citrusy and expensive.


In the shower or before a bath, massage a generous handful onto dry or very slightly damp skin. Use circular motions, allowing the scrub to melt and spread. When you have finished exfoliating, rinse with warm water and lightly pat skin dry (no moisturiser will be needed). Use once or twice weekly for beautifully smooth and soft skin.

345ml Typical price £40.00 Member price £15.26


Now, is this a scrub as the side of the box says, or is it a polish, as labeled on the tub?

My idea of a scrub/polish is something that will scrub off fake tan completely, exfoliate dead skin cells, and leave skin feeling baby smooth afterward.

Having said that, I first have to mention these two budget-friendly, best-selling salt and sugar scrubs from Sanctuary Spa. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Read the reviews, they’re spot on.

The sugar scrub warms up as you massage it in which feels really pleasant, whereas the salt scrub is a little more robust. The signature Sanctuary Spa fragrance is lovely and yes, ‘spa-like’ but it can be a tiny bit cloying after a while. 
Sanctuary Spa hot sugar scrub 550g

Sanctuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub 550g £13.00 but on 3 for 2 promo BOOTS*Sanctuary Spa ultimate salt scrub 650g

Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Salt Scrub 650g £14.00 BOOTS*

The last time I bought a scrub and body cream together was when I purchased the ill-fated Omorovicza Gold Sugar Scrub and Body Cream. There wasn’t any much change from £130.00 – which is ridiculous and I’m suitably ashamed. To add insult to injury I’ve only used the scrub once.

The scent of the Omorovicza body cream was horrible and Look Fantastic (or possibly Cult Beauty, because I know they’re particularly contrary and suspicious when it comes to returning products) just wouldn’t let me return it. I’m normally very good at getting my money back but they held fast. I recall in my review that I likened the scent to ‘an old newsagent’s shop – a bit musty, with a hint of ginger’ and, having had a cautious sniff a second ago, I still stand by that statement.

Still, the tubs look nice on the fancy glass shelves in my new bathroom and act as a daily reminder of my stupidity.


The scrub/polish comes in a satisfyingly heavy tub in Beauty Pie’s trademark sparse labeling style. Not so luxe is the flimsy inner lid made from gossamer-thin plastic with a ridiculously small tab that’s nigh on impossible to grip with wet hands.

Once open, the tonka bean fragrance takes over, a distinctive vanilla/almond scent. It’s not my favourite and I would’ve preferred the scent of the essential oils to come through instead. As a rule, I’m a bit fussy about fragrance but wasn’t too bothered as I knew this would be rinsed off.

Once I started to use it, I realised that this is definitely a gentle body polish, not a full-on scrub. The grains are delicate and the texture is quite slippy, oily in fact, which is why the Beauty Pie blurb says there’s no need for moisturiser afterward. It does smooth skin, but in a less robust way than a scrub, there’s no tingle or pinkness. I can’t see the body polish removing every last trace of tan, but for preparing skin for a fresh tan (real or fake) then yes, it would work, although a slight sheen remains on the skin.

It’s a decent product, more of a beauty indulgence than a hard-working scrub.


Lab-direct to Beauty Pie from France, this deluxe body moisturiser suspends invisible micro-droplets of oil in water, for superlight yet intense skin nourishing. It’s infused with sustainable cold-pressed Hibiscus Flower, Meadowfoam Oils, Liquid Shea Butter and Essential Oils of Orange, Tangerine, Geranium and Tonka Bean.


After showering or bathing, smooth onto slightly damp skin using circular massaging motions to increase absorption and microcirculation.

250ml Typical price £50.00 Member price £14.92


Once again, the tonka bean fragrance is overpowering. This time it was going to be a worry because the scent was going to linger on my skin.

But, there are lots of plus points. The pale gold cream is rich and buttery, I can easily see how the typical price would be in the £50.00 region. A very little goes an awfully long way. It melts into the skin leaving it feeling moisturised and looking silky smooth.

Happily, I found a solution to the scent problem. A couple of spritzes of one of my favourite perfumes into a tiny scoop of cream transformed it into the ultimate body cream. I love Micheal Kors Glam Jasmine perfume, there’s no matching body cream, but here it is! The fragrance blended perfectly into it to create a luxury, bespoke body cream.

Now that I’ve customised it, I can’t see me using anything else, add to that the budget-friendly price, and it makes it an absolute steal! I’ll buy more of course, but it’ll be interesting how long this tub lasts.

Beauty Pie is hit and miss, (mostly hits to be fair), the body polish is perfectly fine, but the cream is up there with their best.

*Affiliate link to Boots sugar and salt scrubs.

No affiliation with Beauty Pie – They turned me down!
Omorovicza also turned me down and I love their products, although not all of them as you can see.

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