Beautiful Women, Bad Make Up + Best/Worst Golden Globe Dresses

bad make up
I always enjoy seeing what the stars wear to the Golden Globes, the good, the bad and especially, the ugly. The make up is usually spot on, apart from the odd white powdered face – the result of using setting powder designed for HD film, not photographers’ flash lights.

This year though, I thought the make up artists didn’t do justice to some very famous faces and made poor eye make up and lipstick choices.

Emily Blunt, I was originally going to say that the eyebrows look too hard (and the forehead perhaps a little too tight).  A less muted coral lip and a bolder, redder lipstick shade would’ve been more flattering. But now I’m looking again, I wonder if it’s a case of slightly too large veneers?

Kate Hudson’s dress is drop dead gorgeous (she certainly has the figure for it), but the hair is too severe; the eyebrows too hard and the eye make up took away her crease line! I felt the deep nude lipstick shade (nude lips were definitely a strong make up theme this year) was too insipid.

Lovely Helen Mirren also suffered from an eye and lip fail. Her eyes look tiny and I blame the make up artist for taking the eyeliner along the length of her lower eyelid – they should’ve stopped 3/4 of the way. Her shade of lipstick would’ve been fine if the lipliner had matched.

Eye opening make up

Use white eyeliner and highlighters and brighteners to open up your eyes. Black liner used in the inner rim of your eyelid only causes eyes to look smaller.

Jessica Lange – I know it’s her signature look, but the upper eyeliner is just too thick. I don’t think the mauve lip colour did her any favours either. Again, the brown lip liner was too obvious.

The make up may have been a bit off, but the dresses were simple, stunning and sophisticated. You just know Kate’s dress would’ve looked trashy on anyone else.


This was a huge showbiz event, their make up artists should’ve thought a little harder about more flattering shades for their clients.

The right colour

Talking of colour choice. I think some colours – especially these two Royal Blue shades worn by Amy Poehler and Cindy Crawford, will always look a bit on the ‘cheap’ side.

Then we have Lana Del Rey who is obviously channelling her inner Priscilla Presley and even though she looks like she’d go up in a ball of flames if she ventured too near a lit candle in that nasty jade green polyester dress (which is silk), I think she pulls it off.

cheap looking dresses

Yellow, a tricky shade but stunning

This is a great colour for blondes, but it does cry out for a strong red lip. The hair and make up on both women is sublime. Both are very slim (important if you don’t want to look like Big Bird). Although Leslie looks shapely (naturally slim?) and Naomi looks a little on the bony side (has to work at it?). See how clever yellow lends itself to both gold and silver accessories.

Leslie Mann (42) and right, Naomi Watts (46!)

Three gorgeous dresses – it’s all in the fit

3 frocks

  • Kate Beckinsale, (41!) Kate’s doing a Benjamin Button and getting younger looking every time I see a new photo of her.
  • Jennifer Aniston (45) don’t like her hair at all and black is a bit boring, but it is a gorgeous dress and fits her beautifully.
  • Amy Adams (40) The colour compliments her red hair and the fit and drape of the dress is perfect.

Oh dear!

I still think the tv programme Fashion Police, is a huge ‘inside’ joke the hosts are playing on us. Kelly Osbourne is a serial offender in the bad taste fashion stakes.

The late Joan Rivers always looked like she had just stepped out of an 80s time capsule and Giuliana Rancic is frankly too thin and unhealthy looking. I’m not sure she’s not as ‘naturally thin’ as she claims, because there are photos of her looking (slightly) bigger and she looks wonderful.

Amal Clooney should not have been persuaded to wear those ugly, ill-fitting white gloves; Edie Falco”s dress is frumpy and shapeless (love her hair though). Claire Danes’ make up is beautiful but the dress is too quirky for the red carpet.

5 ugly dresses

My favourite dress – Reece Witherspoon’s failsafe (she wears this fitted style a lot because she knows it suits her) silver gown. Love Dakota’s metallic dress too – although worryingly, she looks about 15 here, that’s going to make uncomfortable Shades of Grey viewing!

3 dresses
And finally. Yeah we know you’ve ‘got it’ Miss Lopez, we just don’t need to see it all at once.

Jennifer Lopez

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