Beautiful at 50


I was going to title this post ‘50 at 50‘ but do you know how hard it is to find fifty actresses relatively unscathed by fillers and face lifts? Apart from Linda Grey who is 72 and actually still looks like Linda Grey, all these actresses are hovering around the 50 mark. Yes, it would be accurate to say that some of them have had help, but not to the point where they look freaky or unnatural.

I did have a list of actresses I wanted to include who looked stunning in 2012, but I’ve seen from their recent Oscar appearances that some had been ‘freshened up’ a little too much.

As wonderful and transforming as make up is, it all starts with good skin. When you’re approaching fifty it’s what you need to concentrate on first, to build a good foundation for your foundation, if you like.

So here’s to sixteen gorgeous women, proof indeed that it IS possible to look beautiful without puffed up lips, pillow cheeks or a fake mane of Barbie hair. Cheers!

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