Bathroom makeover and apols for absence

New and old bathroom
I love looking at bathroom makeovers, especially when the before and after photos are taken from the same vantage point. The thing is, it’s not so great living through it if you haven’t planned everything down to the very last detail.

I’ve not posted anything for nearly 6 months and for that I sincerely apologise, but this ‘two-week’ renovation took nearly 5 months to complete AND IT’S STILL NOT FINISHED!

If you’re planning a bathroom makeover, then I think you’re going to find this post very useful – I will be adding to it gradually as I recall the horrors of my many cock-ups.

Oh, and if you think we had terrible builders, then no, they’ve been great, I can’t blame them – though I can blame the tiler they employed.

I also can’t blame Mark, he left everything to me, he only wanted (and got) his power shower. He said he would go along with whatever I wanted to do. I’ll tell you now, free rein isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I’ve also got lots of photos to illustrate all the good and bad aspects of the makeover.

Stayed tuned.

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