BACK VIEW: Layered Hair Styles. Cheat sheet to take to hairdresser.

For those of us with fine, (and older) hair, I find shoulder length, blunt cut layered styles are the most flattering.

I’m going to be biased here and say blondes (natural or otherwise), have the hardest time. We literally, (proper use of the word for once), have less hair than our black and brunette haired counterparts and can’t apply one of those ‘all over’ shades of glossy colour to create shine.

Anyway, it’s hard to get a shine on blonde hair, it doesn’t reflect light in the same way as dark hair. Highlighting too, saps moisture and can create frizzy, dry ends.

 Layered Hair StylesThe blunt cut takes care of those wispy ends and a mix of high and low lights will not only ‘coat’ the hair strands, but create an illusion of thicker hair.
 Layered Hair StylesMy favourite styles would have to be these two. Not overly blonde, but blonde enough, with subtle layers. I’m going to show this page to my new* hair stylist on Saturday – fingers crossed!

fave layered haircuts *Enjoy your Maternity Leave Lina!

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