Ayten Gasson Silk Eye Mask

Ayten Gasson Lingerie silk eye mask

How’s this for a glamorous solution to sleepless nights? When I put out an alert for menopausal aids, I wasn’t expecting anything half as gorgeous as this beautifully made silk eye mask to pop through my letter box.

Lovely as it is though, it does have a practical use. According to studies, sleep deprivation during menopause affects over 60% of women. This in turn can lead to exhaustion (and irritability) during the day.

Never mind contending with hot flashes and sweating at night, (window open, fan on – that’s how I roll), I have to sleep in complete darkness and this luxurious eye mask helps me do just that and it’s anti-ageing too!

Sleeping on smooth, slippy silk, means you’re less likely to develop unnaturally deep ceases that are prone to settle in over time – especially if you sleep on your side. A cotton (or more likely, what we all probably have – a cotton/polyester mix) pillowcase is too rough on the skin.

This eye mask is cut generously enough to not only completely block out light, but cover the sides of the eyes right to the hairline and will hopefully iron out some of those creases.

Part of the Ayten Gasson luxury silk lingerie range, the eye mask is beautifully constructed with top quality silk and is presented in a black organza drawstring bag.

This stunning black silk padded sleep mask is perfect as small gift or for finishing off any outfit from the Classics collection perfectly.

Lined in black silk for comfort and so that light can not seep through, you are sure to have a good night’s sleep. Made in Britain.

It’s beautiful, but practical, and has a definite 50 Shades of Grey vibe…

Classic Silk Eye Mask £20.00 Ayten Gasson

Of course, it’s worth looking at the other lovely luxury lingerie items, in particular, there’s a lace and silk eye mask for £13.20 in the current Black Friday sale and a Bettie Vintage Lace Bralet down from £57.00 to £15.00.

A beautiful soft bra made from a pretty peach stretch silk and trimmed with vintage Nottingham leavers lace. The bralet features hook and eye fastening along the back and adjustable straps. Perfect for smaller cups or as a sleep bra for all sizes.

Ayten Gasson Silk Lingerie

Launched in the summer of 2005, luxury lingerie label Ayten Gasson has become recognised in the UK not only for its beautiful collections, but also for its firm commitment in supporting the UK fashion industry.

Every piece from each collection is proudly designed and made in the UK.

Ayten Gasson

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