Alterna Caviar Style Invisible Roller Contour Spray

Alterna Invisible Roller

I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for a clever product name – ‘Invisible Roller’ sounds so much nicer than a plain old setting spray, don’t you think?

I don’t wear my hair in ‘curls’ as such, but I do find gentle, subtle waves are more flattering than straight hair, especially as I get older. Admittedly, I still use my faithful GHD straighteners on rare occasions when I can’t flatten out a kink.

ALTERNA CAVIAR STYLE INVISIBLE ROLLER CONTOUR SPRAY – A spray that gives you the contour and lift of a roller set without the roller.


This medium-hold setting spray lifts from root to tip and moulds the hair into lush shapes while providing heat protection and high shine.

It’s formulated with caviar extract, which contains amino acids and Omega-3 fatty acids that help smooth the hair shaft and increase shine, while biotin increases elasticity to avoid breakage due to styling stress.

A blend of pearl protein, keratin and panthenol strengthen, fortifies and reinforces to support weak and fragile hair strands.


Spray throughout clean, damp hair prior to blow-drying. During the blow-dry process, use a round brush to achieve an instantly contoured look.

It can also be applied to dry hair by spraying a few pumps onto small sections. Pin curl each section and let dry for 10 mins. Remove pins to create luxurious curls without the need for hot tools.


This is a product that needs a little trial and error in order to work to your advantage.

I tried spraying it along the lengths as directed and rolled it up in soft rollers – my hair always drops, but that’s the effect I’m looking for, gently curled ends. The spray gave it a springy hold, but truth be told, it felt a little crispy and dry afterward. Too much product is not advised.

I then sprayed it only on the ends, by that I mean a couple of inches up. I used old faithful Sleep In rollers again and this time, it kept the ends bouncy without the rest of my hair feeling dry.

Two interesting things I’ve discovered about this spray:

  1. No matter how little you use, it alters the texture of your hair. It transforms freshly washed hair into ‘day-old’ hair ie it puts a ‘grip’ on your hair. I can see how useful this would be for an event where you want your hair styled in an up-do, but want to feel ‘properly’ clean from a shower and a hair wash.
  2. It ‘remembers’ the style. If I had my way, I’d wash my hair every day, but I know the heat process afterwards would destroy and dry out my hair. So I put it in a tight shower cap and usually, it comes out frizzy and I have to work at smoothing it out. Invisible roller keeps those curls at the bottom, I give it a quick once over with the Babyliss Big Hair Styler and I’m good to go. I once went three days without washing my hair (the horror!) and it STILL kept the style.


A bit of a strange one. Look Fantastic is selling it for £37.00 which is unbelievable. because it’s already overpriced. I think the inflation must be because it’s not that widely available in the UK.

I bought mine from AllBeauty for £18.95, but it’s now £16.95. You have to keep your eye on their prices, they go up (rarely) and down, but mostly, the prices are cheaper than anywhere else online.

They no longer stock it but the cheapest place I’ve found it (in new packaging) is on Amazon UK for £14.99

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