ALDI Lacura Vanilla Honey Golden Bath Nectar

ALDI Lacura Vanilla Honey Golden Bath Nectar

I love it when a hunch pays off.

Browsing the ALDI website to stock up on Lacura Healthy Glow Rose Oil, I now find that it’s no longer available. That’s the thing with ALDI, they’ll produce these (sometimes) amazing dupes but it’s always a limited run. The rose oil was in stock longer than most though and it really was an excellent dupe for Pixi Rose Oil Blend.

The Health and Beauty section on the ALDI website is a bit sparse at the moment with only eighty so-so products, but then I spied Lacura Vanilla Honey Golden Bath Nectar. It was an obvious Laura Mercier copycat but the colour and shiny viscosity were so very similar to my jar of Laura Mercier Crème Brulée Honey Bath. It would have been a shame not to try it.

Since the first lockdown, I keep nothing ‘for best’ which means I have gradually used up all my favourite (read, insanely expensive) products – indulgent skincare, lovely perfumes, luxury candles, body crèmes and bath oils etc.

Of course, as everything’s run out now, I’m slowly replenishing supplies but prices have shot up alarmingly, so I’m cherry-picking what’s really important to me and mere bath bubbles don’t make the cut!

However, my bright idea was to refill the Laura Mercier Honey Bath jar (£45.00 for 300ml) with this cheapo one and at least get the look of luxury. Shallow? Me?

But guess what? It’s a great dupe, the best copycat product I’ve ever found because it smells eerily similar and produces loads of bubbles. Even the wooden honey dipper is identical!

ALDI Lacura Vanilla Honey Golden Bath Nectar


Relax and unwind after a long day with the Lacura Vanilla Honey Bath. This fragrant and soothing bath accessory helps to soak away the day. Immerse yourself in luxury with this calming and scented bath soak.

  • Luxurious bath soak
  • Cruelty-free
  • Formulated with sweet almond oil, honey and provitamin B5

The colour is slightly more orange than my golden Laura Mercier one and the fragrance is admittedly a lot sweeter, but thankfully, not sickly sweet.

Laura Mercier’s Crème Brulée Honey Bath smells as if you could dip a spoon into it and it would taste like a delicious melted Werther’s Original Butter Candy sweet – Mark’s description and he’s dead right!

Lacura has more of a heavy emphasis on the honey fragrance, a spoon of this would melt your enamel in a nanosecond.

It’s a thinner consistency than the Laura Mercier one, but you hold the dipper under running water to activate the bubbles in the same way and it does bubble up very nicely. There’s a delicate vanilla honey fragrance that doesn’t exactly fill the bathroom with the scent, but it lingers long enough for an indulgent bath.

Admittedly, if you’re looking to buy a luxurious present – for yourself or others, then a Laura Mercier bath and body product, any of them, especially the soufflé body crèmes, will always be gratefully received. But this is a perfectly good, inexpensive substitute.

Come on, ALDI, show us what else you’ve got!


ALDI Lacura Vanilla Honey Golden Bath Nectar 300ml £5.99 ALDI

It should still be available in-store though this is almost certainly a limited edition.

I bought my three jars online, it’s £2.95 for delivery unless you spend £30.00.

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