ALDI DUPES: Hand & Body Washes – Molton Brown, Jo Malone

ALDI DUPES: Body Wash - Molton Brown, Jo Malone

As promised, here are the first batch of results from the copycat buys featured in my ALDI dupe post a couple of weeks ago.


ALDI – Abbott & Broome Rhubarb & Rose Hand Wash 300ml 95p (yes, really)

Dupe of:

MOLTON BROWN – Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Fine Liquid Hand Wash 300ml £20.00 (I know, I know)

Looks CAN be deceiving, from a distance this really does look like a Molton Brown hand wash – as was intended.

The ALDI version pumps out two generous blobs of product. The fragrance is very sharp, not bitter, just sharp. You have to bend down to detect any smell, but when you do, the rhubarb scent really does smack you in the face, any hint of rose is very faint, almost non-existent. But, it doesn’t smell artificial, or of chemicals and I think that’s an important point.

It’s not at all unpleasant. It lathers up gently and leaves hands feeling soft and clean. The scent gradually disappears over a few minutes. It stands on its own as a very nice hand wash without even thinking about it being a dupe.

If you use any of the Molton Brown body and hand washes, you’ll know that the scent reaches your nostrils from the second you press the pump (the blobs that are dispensed are half the size of the Aldi one by the way). To be fair, it lathers up the same, not foamy at all and hands feel super soft, but the main difference is that the scent – rhubarb AND rose are very evident, plus, this scent lingers on your hands for a very long time afterwards. This is really what you’re paying for, the depth and quality of fragrance and its longevity.

Body Washes - Molton Brown, Jo Malone


ALDI  – No. 4 Freesia & Pear Luxury Hand & Body Wash 250ml £2.49

Dupe of:

JO MALONE –  English Pear & Freesia Body & Hand Wash 250ml £30.00

My review is much the same as above. Although the packaging isn’t really trying hard this time and is a bit basic. The fragrance is faint, but again, it’s very pleasant – like a very watered down version of the Jo Malone one. Although the scent lingers longer than the hand wash, it all too soon disappears. The Jo Malone one stays all day and skin is much softer to the touch.


Body Washes - Molton Brown, Jo Malone


There’s no point being all snobby about these dupes. I’ve only tried these two, but the fragrances are perfectly acceptable, plus you’re not really buying these hand and body washes for the ‘sensory experience’ are you? You’re buying them because they are incredibly cheap, really great value (come on, 95p?), and, if you squint your eyes a bit in a certain light, they could pass for their expensive counterparts. I would definitely repurchase the Abbott & Broome ones, but only after a thorough ‘in store’ sniff test first.

PS My favourite ‘body wash’ product is Jo Malone’s Bath Oil in Red Roses 250ml for £45.00. Constantly out of stock because it’s so popular. This not only fragrances the bathroom, but the whole house too. This is pure luxury, the scent remains on skin ALL day (and most of the night) and people will comment on it, they always notice this fragrance even if you’re just shaking hands. If I’m ever stuck for a present idea, then I buy one of these and it’s always well received. The body wash version is £30.00 for 250ml.

Jo Malone
Molton Brown

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