Ageing Make Up Mishaps: No 5 – Thin Eyebrows

Perfect eyebrows
Flattering, natural-looking eyebrows

No, not photos of thin, ageing eyebrows, but gorgeous, natural-looking ones.

It’s just not fair, but hair and eyebrows tend to thin out as you get older. There can be many causes; thyroid deficiency; over-plucking; stress etc, but the main one during perimenopause and menopause will more likely be those pesky fluctuating hormones.

When the balance of Estrogen and Testosterone shifts, it can interfere with the natural growth cycle of your hair and may result in thinning hair. If testosterone levels increase, it can also mean accelerated loss of hair on your head but, increased hair growth on your face and chin. *shakes fist at the sky*


Too thin eyebrows are horribly ageing, yet it seems a lot of women go one way or another with their brows. They are either plucked into a thin, unnatural curve (Pamela Anderson – girl, I’m looking at you), or they overfill their brows, resulting in a sinister too heavy, too dark and too far extended line.


Force those brows to thicken up

1. Stimulate the hair follicles. I wrote about a very simple tip here using a cotton bud, it does work, though I have been doing it for years. My eyebrows are so fair they’ve would’ve thinned into oblivion if I hadn’t taken action, but they are now a very natural shape and thickness.

2. Use Boots No 7 Fanomenal Lash Serum on your brows. It appears to be the cheapest of the current eyelash growth serums and it certainly does the job. The theory behind this product is that it can help speed up the sluggish hair growth cycle. The only problem with this (or similar products), is that when you stop using it, growth slows right down again and your lashes and eyebrows will revert back to how they were before.

3. Trim rogue eyebrows hairs, don’t pluck. Eyebrow hairs can grow really long and (eew!) sometimes white, but don’t pluck any of those long tough wiry hairs, cut them.

Just remember to use nail scissors. Do not use a pair of huge kitchen scissors because, even though you don’t mean to and you’re being oh so careful, you will, I repeat YOU WILL, cut too much off your eyebrow and you’ll end up looking like you’ve just been initiated into a street gang – the voice of experience here.

4. Use a specialised eyebrow powder to fill in gaps and add colour, as eyebrows ‘fade’ as you get older.  Powder tends to look more natural than waxy pencil, the strokes aren’t as obvious.  HD Brows Palettes are still the best on the market. Although I’m not sure I can ever forgive the company for unleashing the evil that is the Scouse Brow upon us.

Because these brow shadows are formulated for hair, they will not smudge and are long-lasting (they also double up as an amazing eyeliner, it doesn’t budge at all). You can also, which is very useful if you have pale eyelashes, brush the shadow onto the bottom of the top lashes (ie closest to the upper lid), which will darken them nicely and create a subtle, smokey eye the lazy way.

5. Set your brows. MAC’s Brow Finisher helps to coax eyebrows into a nice shape whilst you’re waiting for them to (hopefully) grow back.

And now, all hail the most consistently perfect eyebrows of Miss Kate Winslet (or Mrs. Rocknroll as I believe she’s now called, I bet we won’t see that name on her film credits!)

kate eyebrowsprintEyebrows frame your eyes and balance your face, so now’s the time to give them a little TLC for long-term benefits.

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