Ageing Make Up Mishaps: No 3 – Beware The Shimmer!

CREDIT: Photos of eye © Mac 'Gleam' Eye shadow - Mine

Really, it should say ‘beware of where you put the shimmer’. You’re older, your eyelids are starting to wrinkle and quelle horreur when you load up your brush with colour and start to apply your eye shadow,  the eyelid moves with you!  Believe me, THIS is the start of that slippery slope into finally realising that the impossible has happened and maybe, just maybe, you’re not quite as young on the outside as you feel on the inside.

So, the big no-no is, do not put anything shimmery in or above your crease line – The exception is a whisper of highlighter on your brow bone. *old skool*

Anything glittery or shiny caught in those creases makes it look crepey and you know how ageing that can be. You don’t need to emphasise that your lids aren’t as smooth as they once were.

On a side note, my right eye (for I sleep on that side), is noticeably more creased than my left eye. If you’re reading this and you’re under 30, I can only beseech you to try to always sleep on your back. I’ve written a post here about the problem of what happens to your décolletage when you sleep on your side.

You still want a gentle ‘pop’ of colour though and this is where Mac’s ‘Gleam’ comes in. Apply it in the middle of the lower lid to try to catch the light (yeah, it’s that old trick again). It’s a rather flattering peachy-pink shot through with a delicate sweep of gold shimmer.

The fall out isn’t as horrific as some of the Mac shadows, (yeah, Honey Lust, I’m looking at you!). Use a very slightly damp brush and build it up, then the pay off colour will be gorgeous. I actually dab it on with a moistened foam-tipped applicator, because it does take a bit of layering to get that colour showing.

You can also apply a thin line of this colour to your lower eyelid with a fine brush, it’s very subtle but it will make your eyes sparkle. It takes practice to get the right amount of shimmer though, we’re talking barely a hint of colour here. Too much and you’re straying into drag queen country (a place I’ve inhabited frequently once or twice, make up wise).

It’s very important to define your eyes as you get older as it draws attention away from everything else that’s going wrong (haha).


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