This blog now uses affiliate links, but they will always be clearly marked.


You don’t have to at all. It just means that if you buy something I’ve recommended by clicking on an affiliate link, I might earn some commission on that sale. You’d be surprised how mean the ‘big’ brands are though. If there’s a sale on they might choose to suspend commission. What they’ve been doing this past year is gradually reducing commission. If you’re a blogger though, then Awin is the affiliate marketing company that carries all the major retailers.

We are talking pence, not pounds, but I always say if you’re in Pret, and you’re 20p short, you have to put that MochaWochaFrippyFrappe back, so it all counts.

Actually, that’s a bad example, because that did happen to me (I died of the embarrassment of course) and they let me off. Thinking back, I did have the money I just couldn’t find it. Maybe they gave me a free coffee because I was holding up the queue?


I’ve thought carefully about the brands I’ve chosen to be affiliated with. I’ve been recommending AllBeauty on the blog since I started. It’s my first stop when buying beauty online and the products are new.

Sometimes discount companies really are too good to be true and they send out dusty, old stock in the previous packaging, so it’s always best to shop via personal recommendation.

If I find the cheapest place to buy certain products online, then why shouldn’t you know about it? I write what *I* would want to read.