The name of this blog is inspired by a poem written by Thomas Carew.


He that loves a rosy cheek,
Or a coral lip admires,
Or from star-like eyes doth seek
Fuel to maintain his fires:
As old Time makes these decay,
So his flames must waste away.

But a smooth and steadfast mind,
Gentle thoughts and calm desires,
Hearts with equal love combined,
Kindle never-dying fires.
Where these are not, I despise
Lovely cheeks or lips or eyes.

The obvious message is outer beauty eventually fades, but inner beauty lasts foreverAt our age, I think we’ve all finally figured this out, but there’s no harm trying to match the outside to the inside!


Poets of this era often chose the name ‘Celia’ to portray their paramours, instead of naming them outright.

Thomas realises that (his) Celia’s inner beauty isn’t quite as lovely as he first thought, so he tacked on another stanza to this lovely poem and gives her the old heave-ho.


No tears, Celia, now shall win
My resolv’d heart to return;
I have search’d thy soul within,
And find nought, but pride, and scorn;
I have learn’d thy arts, and now
Can disdain as much as thou.
Some power, in my revenge, convey
That love to her I cast away.

UPDATED 13th April 2020

These are strange and worrying times. An ‘anti-ageing beauty blog suddenly seems a bit frivolous, but I will continue to post reviews in the hope you will find them useful when life returns to a ‘new’ normal – because it will.

My heart goes out to those who have been affected by the virus or have lost loved ones.

UPDATE 5th March 2022

Man’s inhumanity to man,
Makes countless thousands mourn


British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal https://donate.redcross.org.uk/appeal/ukraine-crisis-appeal

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