A Glowing Review

Liz Earle Healthy Glow C

Liz Earle Healthy Glow Cream Blush – I had a ‘oh oh’ moment when I first opened this blusher, I thought it was little too ‘peach’ for my liking. I steer away from any cosmetic with a peachy hue as it’s incredibly ageing.

But when applied, it’s a lovely silky, creamy texture that doesn’t turn to powder.  The colour is what I would call a ‘sheer nude’.

I love that it’s really easy to blend out without disappearing and as, ’41andcounting’ said in response to the Anti-Ageing ‘Matt is too flat’ post, it doesn’t sit in your pores, this is a deal breaker for me.

Nude 03 is a nice compliment to my naturally pale skin tone. I’ve just seen on the website that it’s described as ‘rosy-apricot’. You see? Apricot/Peach = same thing! Not a shade I would have ever chosen for myself. Thank you Liz Earle for forcing it on me with the March Must Have’s promotion.

I do wonder why the Liz Earle company – I believe Liz is now retired, chose to offer only this nude shade in the March Must-Haves package? I’d have naturally assumed the complimentary colour would be a dodgy, ‘hard to shift’ shade. Now though, I’m thinking that perhaps Nude is their best-selling colour and they’ve done it to suck you in so you can see how flattering the product is and that these are indeed, excellent quality cosmetics.

The marketing is clever though, along with my order I received a 30ml tube of Cleanse & Polish, just in time for my hols, thank you very much, and a sachet of Signature foundation, which I don’t like at all by the way, now that did settle into my pores, it was a bit too heavy as well.

There’s also a powder blusher, but that is not for older skins in my opinion, leave it alone.

I throughly recommend this blusher for mature skin, if you’re pale, then the Nude 03 is a good ‘starter’ colour. I am going to buy another shade, I just can’t decide which one at the moment.


For darker skins, Nectar 06 and Peony 07 will really pop those cheekbones and there are middling shades for medium skin tones.

At £16.50 the price is just right for what you get, not in the luxury £20 plus league, yet feeling – glossy navy packaging and ‘Made in Italy’, and acting – nicely pigmented, blends well, like a luxury product.

Liz Earle Healthy Glow Cream Blush £16.50 or buy with the March Make Up Must-Haves promotion.

Oh for the love of God! There’s a Natural Glow Bronzer for £19.50!

Will-resist-looking-at-reviews but…

Easily the best bronzer on the market!
…the glow that this bronzer gives is so subtle.
I really, REALLY love this bronzer, it is my daily must-have in terms of make up.
Not sparkly or shimmery, it just leaves a perfectly natural sun-kissed glow.
…this one is so buildable and just the right colour.

Nope, not buying, I’m toughing it out (until next month)


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