JOHN LEWIS The Ultimate Collection Silk Standard Pillowcase £36.00 (20% off at 26/11/21) John Lewis *


Blissfully smooth and naturally breathable, silk bed linen is renowned for its skin and hair benefits, feeling luxurious and soothing to the touch.

Hypoallergenic and breathable and made from the highest quality Mulberry silk for a beautifully smooth feel.

Non-absorbent, silk actively maintains skin and hair’s moisture levels overnight, to help minimise wrinkles and hair static.

These are a repeat buy for me. I have these in Mint – which is more pale sage than cool mint and is very pretty and Latte, which would suit every bedroom.

There are lots of these silk pillowcases on the market, but whichever one you choose, opt for Mulberry silk, it’s the best quality and it washes beautifully. I know this for a fact because Mark threw them into the washing machine (with rough tea towels of all things) and they came out (luckily for him), as good as new and retained their sheen.

If you pop them onto your pillows as soon as they come out of the drier, any creases will instantly smooth out.

Sleeping on silk benefits both hair and skin. No more frizzy tangled messy bed hair in the mornings, and no tell-tale ‘sleep creases’ on the side of your face either.

I was worried that hair and skin oils or creams would stain them, but although they may leave an alarming dark mark at first, it all washes out.

CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle Fresh Hair Mist 35ml £46.80 John Lewis *

hair mist

A hair mist with the fresh and modern notes of the COCO MADEMOISELLE fragrance, exuding the vibrant notes of Orange, the transparency of Rose and the elegance of Patchouli.

Pure indulgence and absolutely not essential, but so luxurious. I’ve always loved hair mists, walking through a spritz of perfume (that old trick) is just not the same.

The faint perfume mist clings onto hair (don’t spray too close to roots though) and disperses its fragrance when your hair moves throughout the day. It’s subtle but people will notice it. It’s a self-care treat and I’m all about rewarding myself.

Obviously, these mists are outrageously expensive and you have to love the original fragrance. A bottle lasts me about two years, I replenish with whatever’s on offer when mine runs out.

Hair mists are very popular gifts for Christmas, I bought CHANEL Allure hair mist (£43.50) from AllBeauty yesterday and it’s sold out today, but they have lots of others.

Feel Unique also has a good selection this year including BURBERRY Her London Dream Hair Mist at 20% off now £28.00 * and CHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE Fresh Hair Mist 35ml £43.20. *

L’ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL, SERIE EXPERT Mythic Oil Original Hair Oil 100ml & Shampoo 250ml Gift Set £13.25 AllBeauty *

hair oil

A luxurious L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil gift set is suitable for all hair types and perfect for those who want to achieve soft and shiny hair.

The iconic hair oil, infused with rich Argan Oil is a luxurious treatment that adds softness and shine whilst providing heat protection up to 230°C in order to prevent damage.

Set includes:
Mythic Oil Original Hair Oil 100ml
Mythic Oil Shampoo 250ml

Considering the oil on its own is £13.25 this is a great value.

I’ve been using this oil for years. It’s very lightweight with a subtle fragrance, that you can use on wet or dry hair. I’ve never applied too much and it never looks greasy. I don’t know why I mess around with the fancier, heavier Kerastase oils (I have quite a few) this one never disappoints.

I’m looking forward to trying out the shampoo, especially as the weather has turned chilly, hair can become dry and a bit crispy from being indoors with the heat on.

ASOS DESIGN hair clip claw in checkerboard resin £4.80 ASOS

hair clip

It might seem strange to include these inexpensive hair clips in my gorgeous hair gifts, but they’re a great solution and make a quick updo look more polished.

This square cut, lobster claw hair clip is prettier in real life than the photo suggests – although slightly smaller.

My hair became very long during lockdown and the only way I could manage it was to twist it up in a rough french pleat. The only clips I had were these old-fashioned-looking faux tortoiseshell ones and they look so dated now!

HAIR 27/3/21

ASOS has a great selection of these hair clips, I’ve bought a few of them and really like the squared-off modern shape, although they’re calling them vintage-inspired! 

Read the reviews before buying though to make sure it’s robust enough to hold your hair in place if it’s thick. My hair is fine so these hold up well.

HUSH Jax Black Leather Scrunchie £15.00 John Lewis * Now (19/12/21) £12.00

Soft and stretchy, this Hush Jax scrunchie is made from supple leather for a premium style-led touch.

Scrunchies are back in fashion!

They say you shouldn’t wear a trend if you wore it the first time, but scrunchies were a staple of my wardrobe in the 80s and I’m so pleased to see them back.

There’s just something so up to date about a leather scrunchie that I wanted it immediately.

£15.00 does seem a lot for a piece of leather and obviously, you will be able to buy them cheaper elsewhere. But my hair is fine there’s lots of it, but it’s fine so I need something soft that won’t pull my hair when’s it’s in a ponytail.

I’m picking it up on Saturday so I hope it lives up to the hype.


I think the word here is LOL.

Jil Sander leather scrunchie

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