3D HAIR Natural Hair Building Fibres & DISCOUNT CODE!

3D HAIR Natural Hair Building Fibres

I have experienced thinning hair three times in my life; six months after I broke my leg and three months after the birth of my two boys, I was also diagnosed with an underactive thyroid after my second son was born, which also caused my hair to thin.

If you’ve ever suffered from hair loss either through natural causes, illness, medication or the menopause, you will know how utterly depressing it is. I tried everything, the solution was an exhausting combination of gadgets, supplements, hair thickening products, a skilled hairdresser and an expert colourist i.e. it took lots of time, tears, trial and error.

What I wouldn’t have tried in a million years though, was any of the instant result ‘hair building’ fibre products that used to feature in the small ads at the back of Sunday supplements.

Only demonstrated on men, there was just the one colour choice – black. It ALWAYS looked artificial, even in the photos and you just knew people would spot the thick, brillo pad like bulking powder a mile off and that loads of sooty dust would fly around and settle on shoulders.

Fortunately, hair fibre products have advanced and I was sent a couple of tubs of black and dark brown shades by 3D Hair to trial for the site.


3D fibres are a totally natural fibre, made from the same organic protein as your hair.

Once applied, the tiny microfibres blend perfectly with your own hair, leaving your hair looking full, healthy and thicker.


  • Sprinkle 3D Hair over the affected area and rub through with your fingers or brush it through – your hair is given an instant make-over.
  • Simply wash it off in the evening and re-apply next morning.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, I thought it could get messy, so I placed a towel around my model’s shoulders – no need, there’s zero fallout. This is great because it means you can apply the product quickly as part of a morning routine.

Hair needs to be clean and free from any product, so hair was washed and dried.

The tubs have holes on the top, like a sifter, and the best way to apply it is to peel back a little of the seal, and gently tap the product out directly to the hair.

The powder is fine, but not talcum powder soft, you can feel there’s a slight texture. I tipped some out onto paper and I was able to swipe it off without it leaving a trace of colour behind on the paper, or on my hands.

3D HAIR Natural Hair Building Fibres





SaveSaveMy top tip would be to make sure the powder doesn’t land on the scalp, it needs to adhere to hair strands only. Tap close to the roots, otherwise, it will dot the scalp and look unsightly.


I parted the hair to show how much of the scalp was bare and how fine the hair is.


This shows where I sprinkled the fibres, tapping a little black and brown close to the roots.

I gently rubbed the powder with my fingers, taking care to avoid the scalp.


As the fibres cling to the hair, the strands swell up. I lightly brushed the untouched hair over and back with a Tangle Teezer.

What you can’t fully appreciate, because you need to feel it, is the fullness of the hair.

The fibres don’t dull the hair, because they’re underneath. What happens is that the bare patches are ‘filled in’ and hair looks and feels thicker. I used very little product too, which is another plus.

The only thing I did have to do, was clean the Tangle Teezer of little specks of powdery residue.

3d hairObviously, I’ve used this product from a female point of view. We’re lucky, we can comb hair over the top to make the finished look completely natural.

The fibres aren’t at all obvious, hair just looks and more importantly, feels normal.

What I’m most excited about is that 3D Hair is available in 10 shades, from black to white to blonde and all the variations in between.  You could even mix the travel size versions to customise the shades.

3D HAIR Natural Hair Building Fibres

  • 35g £19.99
  • 25g £17.99
  • 16g £12.99 (Special Price, same as 10g)
  • 10g £12.99
  • 8g £9.99


This is a good one.

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