I really don’t care if this is a gimmick, I’ve got a passport photograph coming up that’s going to be knocking around until I’m 66. I need all the help I can get!


Instant Facelift & Neck Lift Kit Tapes & Anti-Ageing Strips by Emmy award-winning make up artist Art Harding.

  • Hypoallergenic transparent tapes
  • Instantly lifts and tightens skin
  • Each kit comes with 40 pre-cut tapes and 5 elastic bands and instructions

A bonkers idea yes indeed, but I’ve just seen these babies (well, similar ones) demonstrated by a vlogger I follow on and off who I know is ‘real’ person (you know what I mean by that).

The channel is Tammy’s Ageless Beauty and the video is called Secret Facelift.

I’m not even going to explain how they work, I’ll let the video do that.

I will also say – and I might be wrong here (I’m not throwing shade), but Tammy’s 60 and looks so spookily good, I suspect she might be using a filter for filming, her skin is insanely flawless – just an observation.

But, no matter, what is definitely true is how well these weird little bits of string and plastic work and her priceless, delighted reaction.

The kit looks insane and uncomfortable (“I can feel the tugging on my neck, but it’s a beautiful thing”). I’d be paranoid if I wore them in everyday life and would die a thousand deaths if my hair blew away from my face and revealed them, but for a passport photo? Hell yeah, I’ll give it go.

What I’ve also done is glean a few helpful tips from a comment on the video. Naturally, a fight broke out on the comments over nothing, because, well it’s 2019, people feel entitled to be offended on someone’s behalf and everyone online is batsh*t crazy – apart from me – although I am buying string and plastic to make myself look younger for a photograph…

A tip to get your hair in place so they don’t reveal the lifting tape, apply some lash glue along your temples and back neck and stick strands of hair to it and voilà! The wind can blow all it wants!!!

You can also use the lifts tape for a brow lift by placing them by your temples, again apply lash glue to where you would like your hair to cover the tape.

To get the hair off of the lash glue, spray an oil/water mix on it and gently pull away. Credit: Sandrine Angelique

So my shopping list/things to do first, will be:

  • Buy Rubbing alcohol – Impossible to source unless you buy a gallon online, so I’m going to use Surgical Spirit instead
  • Buy clear lash glue
  • Buy a mini bottle of baby oil
  • Get haircut & highlights (due in 2 weeks)

There are lots of similar ‘instant facelift’ type products online, I’ve ordered my kit from Amazon UK. A search for ‘Art Harding’ will bring it up, it costs £17.65. I chose Light Hair, they have Dark Hair too so the strings won’t show up.

This could go wrong, but it’s not going to hurt anyone to try, even my pride won’t take a knock because, yes, I am the person who bought a box of Frownies a few years ago. You know, Frownies, EXPENSIVE STICKY CARDBOARD TRIANGLES designed to retrain your facial expressions to prevent wrinkles. Who’s the crazy one now?

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  1. June 9, 2019 / 7:07 pm

    I have tried normal tape to help with the frown line in the middle between the eyebrows, a little of your cream before you pull gently the damn frown line then stick the tape on and go to sleep. In the morning I really do notice a difference, but there is a warning, do not do what I did and forget you had the tape on and go to the supermarket. lol Good luck and will wait to see how you get on. x

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