One to Watch: TRINNY on YouTube

T R I N N Y on YouTube

This is not a YouTube ‘guru’ I thought I’d ever recommend, but I read an article in the Daily Mail a couple of weeks ago which caught my eye. Don’t get me wrong, I hate myself for reading that misogynistic, body shaming paper (and that’s just the female journalists), but the layout is so damn reader friendly. Why don’t other online publications take note? Lots of large clear photos, easy navigation and ads you can easily ignore, it’s a simple formula.

The article was obviously intended to poke fun at Trinny’s YouTube video as she demonstrated her ‘morning exercise routine’ i.e. wash face – squat; brush teeth – squat; sit on the toilet – sq…

Anyway, I watched it out of morbid curiosity. I never did care for Trinny and Susannah and their What Not to Wear TV programme. I felt that although their advice was generally sound, they were patronising (Susannah in particular), towards the poor women who subjected themselves to their overly intrusive scrutiny.

The workout video was indeed excruciating and I couldn’t bear to watch more than few minutes without cringing, but I did have a look at some of her other videos and I have to say, I’m hooked!

Get past her posh, old lady voice, which does soften as she becomes less excited, and she’s actually very knowledgable about skin care for older women. She has access to a lot of products, a fair few are new to me and I suspect you can only purchase some of them in the US. There’s a mix of luxury and budget – more luxury though, and Trinny gleefully slaps them on with a seriously heavy hand.

The videos are mostly unedited (so she can get them out fast) and filmed on a wobbly iPhone stuck to her window and in natural daylight. It’s quite refreshing to see this in an age where YouTube gurus are set up with ring lights, reflective boards and flattering professional lighting. There’s a raw real quality to her and the filming – which admittedly is not always in focus; I think she’ll need to address this as her audience grows.

Trinny freely admits to Botox (although not lip fillers), but is still able to move her face, which sometimes looks strikingly beautiful and sometimes takes on a mask like appearance because of the work she’s had done – or not had done, best cover myself!

She does however, have an incredible, athletic body at 52; great hair; a beautiful neck; lovely skin and a sharp jaw line. Her manner is very engaging and I can see how she’s quietly built up a loyal following. The emphasis is on mature skin, although there are some rather good, informative fashion videos too.

The face massage techniques in the video below have been gleaned from an assortment of facialists she’s met on her travels, but it all makes sense.

TRINNY YouTube Channel