REVIEW Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect Lipstick

REVIEW Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect Lipstick

Pardon me, but I think there’s room for just one more review of Charlotte Tilbury’s Bitch Perfect lipstick on the net. This shade from Charlotte’s signature K.I.S.S.I.N.G range has become a bit of cult among beauty bloggers, and quite rightly, although this review is slightly different because it’s not a shade I can wear by itself – it’s just a beat ‘too nude’ for me. Applied under or over other shades and glosses though and it’s absolutely bitching perfect!

I’d been thinking about whether to buy Nude Kate or Bitch Perfect, when I happened upon a blog post in my WordPress reader by Angela, aka Bunny from Beauty By the Bunny.  I know she won’t mind me saying this, but she’s a Charlotte Tilbury obsessive (check out her blog) and her lovely boyfriend bought her both of the Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Lipstick Wardrobes (20 lipsticks in total) for Christmas.

Because she had a second one, Bunny very generously sent me a brand new Bitch Perfect, which was so very sweet of her and it got my New Year off to a really good start!

REVIEW Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect Lipstick


  • Contains light-diffusing pigments that give lips a brilliant, luminous, multi-dimensional finish (Which of course creates the illusion of fuller lips)
  • A special blend of waxes means this lipstick is a dream to use and glides over the contours of your lips (Agreed, beautiful to apply)
  • The result is colour rich and buildable, the formula does not bleed outside the lip line (Absolutely true, though for us older women I would always use a lip pencil)


Sure, Charlotte Tilbury is selling a luxury make up experience, even the outer packaging is high-end (if you’re ever stuck for a gift, then you can’t go wrong with Charlotte Tilbury make up), and it’s true to say that not all the products live up to the hype – I’ve certainly had a few duds, but I believe the lipsticks are worth every single penny.

The rose-gold metal case is gorgeous and feels weighty in your hand. But it’s the formula, strong pigmentation and longevity of the lipstick that for me, makes it a winner. You can’t deny the quality of this product and if you apply the lipstick with a lip brush, you’ll use a lot less and will be able to build up thin layers and the colour will last even longer.

To get the best out of this pinky, peach nude shade, I have to wear Bitch Perfect with other lipsticks, but because the shade is so versatile, I’m able to wear it every day. I prefer sheer lipsticks, but they do tend to wear off quickly and need the meaty punch of a strong pigment to bring them to life. Bitch Perfect works beautifully with Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks in Bohème, Monte Carlo and Dimitri.


I have a lot of lip glosses, I think it’s because I’m always chasing a dupe for the cheapo, but ultra flattering, L’Oréal Glam Shine in Cherry Sorbet (discontinued, of course). I don’t do matte lips, I always need a slick of gloss to feel properly made up.

I love the shades in Charlotte’s Lip Lustre collection and I’ve seen a lot of positive reviews of Sweet Stiletto (to compliment Bitch Perfect), though it’s definitely a luxury buy gloss at £16.50 a pop. I asked Bunny what she thought of the lip glosses and she said that really, they’re no better or worse, than the High Street ones.

Lovely as they are, I think the lip glosses are over priced, especially as there are so many on the market, it’s just not worth spending so much on them. Save the money for the lipsticks!


Charlotte Tilbury’s Bitch Perfect lipstick £23.00 Charlotte Tilbury


Be careful when buying directly from the official website because the swatches are hit and miss. I’ve previously addressed the issue in this post from last year. I believe swatches are digitally altered to ‘match’ the shades (nothing sinister, just to keep the photos looking uniform) and I think the same has happened with the lipsticks. There’s even a couple of reviews on the site that agree with this.

Hopefully though, you can see in my photograph above, that Bitch Perfect is leaning towards a slightly ‘orange’ nude tone and not the deep pinkness of the official swatch.