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Promensil Menopause Red Clover Isoflavones

I don’t know why the hot flushes have returned with a vengeance. You would’ve thought that the flushes would’ve calmed down now the weather’s turned colder – but no such luck.

In general, they don’t last too long, two or three minutes at most. But, oh, those few minutes can feel endless, and if I can’t get away from the triggers, in my case, strong scents – perfume, aftershave smoke, body odour etc, then the heat and the ‘melting from the inside out‘ sensation stay with me until I’m out of range of the offending scent, not always very practical.

I have had success with red clover supplements before, but I’m always willing to try something new when I feel the supplements are no longer working as well as they used to.


Some women use red clover for symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes; for breast pain or tenderness and for premenstrual syndrome (PMS) – WebMD

Women who take red clover extracts every day experience fewer hot flashes and hormonal fluctuations and less osteoporosis than those who receive no treatment – ScienceNordic


I’ve just started a 3 month course of Promensil Menopause Double Strength supplements with Red Clover Isoflaones.

Promensil is a dietary supplement based on red clover isoflavones specifically developed to provide support and wellbeing for women during and after the menopause

No added sugar, yeast, milk derivates, wheat and corn starch, gluten or artificial flavours.

Promensil’s unique formulation contains a balanced source of isoflavones that are important to health. Red clover isoflavones are naturally occurring plant oestrogens which are NOT chemically synthesized.


  • As a food supplement take 1 Promensil Double Strength tablet daily with a meal.


Being unable to tolerate conventional hormone replacement therapy, Promensil has worked wonders for my symptoms which include insomnia and hot flushes.

I have been taking Promensil everyday for the last two months and it’s really helped with my hot flushes and I can now finally have a good nights sleep.

This product has definitely had a hugely positive effect for me. Hot flushes and moodiness are pretty much a thing of the past, my life is back to normal.

Products containing red clover isoflavones may not be suitable for everyone, so always ask a pharmacist before taking any supplement, especially if you have ongoing health problems.

As an example, I didn’t know that grapefruit juice slowed absorption of my thyroid medication until a chemist told me. Don’t rely on the internet, says she who Googles every sore throat and cough. But, you know what I mean, just check it out first.


Promensil Website


Talking about hot flushes, the recently launched website Hot Flush Stuff, sell a variety of products and supplements to help ease menopause symptoms.

The categories are:

  • Hot Flushes
  • Skin & Body Care
  • Sleepless Nights

There’s also practical information, advice and a skin care blog.

I wish I’d seen the Chillow Plus pad before I bought an insanely expensive (and heavy) gel pillow that’s only cool for about 2 seconds – and smells a bit funky!

Hot Flush Stuff also sell MenoQUICK, a urine test kit that reliably determines if you’re entering menopause. I can imagine how incredibly useful this would be to a lot women who think they’re going a bit crazy, but don’t know why.


Promensil Double Strength Tablets (now 10% off) £23.00 Hot Flush Stuff

19th November 2015

UPDATE 12th January 2016

I feel quite reluctant writing this update in case I ‘spook’ things, but the fact is, the hot flushes have more or less ceased to be.

Yes, certain triggers do set me off, I still struggle with strong smells, over powering perfume or aftershave are the main culprits – which obviously makes going out and shopping a bit of a nightmare.

Also, and this the main one, particularly prevalent during this cold spell; if I move from a warm environment to a cool one, (or vice versa), I can feel the ‘burn up’ take hold.

I was on the bus this morning, wrapped up, but still shivering like everyone else, when I got a blast of cold air as the doors opened. Instead of winding my scarf around my neck tighter, as most people were doing, I tore my scarf off and undid my coat, flapping the collar, desperate for some cooling relief.

But the thing is, the frequent and sudden, ‘out of nowhere’ hot flushes have completely stopped. In between those two triggers, everything’s back to normal and I’M back to normal. Even those infrequent, but debilitating, night-time cold sweats have vanished.

Is it me, ‘settling’ into the menopause (is that even a thing?) or the double strength red clover tablets working their magic? I’m not risking it, for now, I’m going to stock up on Promensil.

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