CLARINS Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

CLARINS Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

This is a funny one, I bought Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil based on what I thought it was, a lightweight lip conditioning oil, thinking it was perhaps an overnight treatment.

It’s actually a lip gloss with conditioning properties. The official Clarins website says:

A lip care treatment infused with all the power of plant oils to nourish and enhance your lips’ natural beauty.

Which to me says, lip treatment, not make up. Although to be fair, further down it does say:

Leaves a shiny, non-sticky finish on the lips with a subtle sweet taste.


  • Hazelnut oil – Nourishes, plumps and softens the lips
  • Organic jojoba oil – Nourishes, adds a silky sheen to the skin without feeling greasy and soothes the lips whilst enhancing their natural beauty
  • Mirabelle oil (honey shade) – Helps prevent dehydration and leaves the skin supple and satiny-smooth
  • Raspberry oil (raspberry shade) –  Nourishes, protects the lips from ageing and possesses anti-oxidising properties


Scent – Sniff the bottle and there’s that familiar sweet, slightly cloying, jojoba scent. If you smack your lips together when you first apply it, there’s a brief sherberty taste, but it doesn’t linger.

Colour – I bought the ‘honey’ tint, no obvious colour or tint on the lips, but I did find it dulled and gradually faded the shade of my lipstick underneath.

Stickiness – It IS sticky, I’m not sure what other reviewers are talking about when they say it isn’t. The formula’s very thick and viscous-y, although it does settle down after a bit and lose its jamminess.

Conditioning/Oily – Hopefully, it is conditioning, although there was none of that ‘instant smoothing evidence’ I’ve been reading about. Also, it doesn’t feel particularly oily or slippery, just a normal, heavy lip gloss.

Glossiness – It does wear off quite quickly and dials down to a faint sheen.

Paddle applicator – The bottle itself is cute as you’d expect from Clarins, plus the extra wide applicator head is a nice touch. Because I wear this over lipstick and for hygiene reasons, I mess about a bit, and dab the gloss onto a cotton wool bud and apply from the bud. I wouldn’t apply over lipstick and then put the wand back, the formula is tinted but it’s still clear and it would soon turn murky.

Plumping – This is probably its saving grace. I DO think it helps plump lips up a bit even if it’s only temporary. When I first applied it, I did feel a faint, tingly sensation on my lips, I thought it was because I’d just brushed my teeth, but the same thing happened when I reapplied it, only the tingling stepped up a gear and the effect lasted for longer.


I’m not entirely sure I’d repurchase this. I did manage to buy it for £15.00 in conjunction with an offer, so perhaps I might look out for it at the airport. £9-12.00 would’ve been a much fairer price, but of course, you’re paying for the luxury brand name and the packaging.

On the flip side, I have bought the raspberry shade for my mum as a stocking filler present. I think she’ll love the subtle colour, ease of application and the slight plumping effect.

It DOES plump up lips. I use it on my lower lip and I have to say that even though it does slightly alter my lip colour, the subtle plumping does last a good couple of hours.

I’ll continue to wear it (of course! I want my moneys worth out if it) and if I do find that it conditions my lip in the long-term, then I’ll definitely update this post.

I’d still love Clarins to produce a night-time treatment oil that moisturises and conditions your lips as you sleep though!

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil RRP £18.00

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