Launching today is Time Bomb’s latest product Black Ops – A treatment serum to target darkness around the eyes. Lulu is a Brand Ambassador for Time Bomb, the much raved about skin care range was developed and created by the same team and chemists behind John Frieda’s hair care lines, ie the iconic – and never surpassed, in my opinion, hair tamer serum Frizz Ease (I have a teeny tiny bottle I keep in my handbag for emergency fluffy hair) and Sheer Blonde (my star products – Everlasting Blonde and Highlight Activating Enhancing Shampoo)


Black Ops is the first treatment serum engineered to “circle in” on all the sources of darkness around your eyes: bruise-like under-eye circles, deep shadows in the corners of eyes, lid discolourations (hyper-pigmentation).


Light and emollient, this powerful serum helps firm, cushion and add opacity to this extremely delicate, near-translucent skin where tiny broken capillaries can show through as unwanted dark patches. Look for instant brightening from optical reflectors plus visible, ongoing improvements with this clinically tested formula.


Black Ops lightens dark under-eye circles, deep shadows in the corner of the eyes and lid discolouration, in both the short and long-term tackles hyperpigmentation and poor micro circulation which are keys sources of darkness around the eyes contains a propriety blend of strengthening, firming and brightening agents that circle in on all the sources of “periorbital darkness”.

Time Bomb Black Ops

Morning and evening on clean, dry skin: gently smooth a small amount around the eye concentrating on the under eye area and in the corners where darkness is most prominent. Tap lightly with tip of your ring finger.

You can’t completely diminish dark circles, but you can certainly help improve the appearance of them and brighten the area.

My own dark circles first appeared when I was in my late 40s. They’re worse in the inner corners and at times, can look quite dark.

There’s only 15ml of product in the tube (eye products should ideally be packaged in a tube, not an ‘air inviting’ jar). This isn’t a problem though, because the non scented serum/cream hybrid is fairly light and a little spreads a long way, so it should last a while. It absorbs well, although do let it dry for a couples of minutes before applying make up.


  • Sun Exposure – Increased melanin levels can darken the under eye area.
  • Heredity – Dark circles may just run in the family.
  • Ageing Process – You know the drill; loss of collagen and thinning, almost translucent, skin make the tiny blood vessels under the eye area more visible.
  • Nasal congestion – I notice that my dark circles get worse when I have a cold. I find Vicks Sinex Nasal Pump Spray really helps to clear the nasal passage and relieve pressure around the eyes.
  • Lack of sleep/fluids – Try to sleep slightly propped up and stay hydrated. Even in winter (all that central heating) we should keep up our water intake.


  • Treat the eye area gently and always use your ring finger (less pressure) to apply eye products/concealer.
  • A few gentle tapping movements (again, with the ring finger), along the lower eye socket will help disperse excess fluid.
  • The one we all know – cooled, (and ideally kept in the fridge for a while) tea bags. It works, albeit for a little while, because the cold constricts the blood vessels making them look less obvious. Green tea is ideal because it’s packed with antioxidants and caffeine.
  • Under Eye Mask – I’ve seen this one all over the net. Make a paste from ground almonds mixed with a little milk and apply under the eye area for 15 minutes before gently washing off. This will help to brighten the under eye area.
  • Choose food rich in Vitamin K (helps maintain healthy blood clotting). Read more about the benefits of Vitamin K.

TIME BOMB – Black Ops Dark Circle Rescue £36.00 Selfridges


5 full size products (including Black Ops) for £45.00 (instead of £75.00)

  • 1 x Troubleshooter Neck Jaw and Chest Cream (100ml; supersize)
  • 1 x Collagen Bomb Essential Skin Fuel (30ml; full-size)
  • 1 x Complexion Cocktail with a shot of Chlorophyll (100ml; full-size)
  • 1 x Black Ops Dark Circle Rescue (15ml; full-size)
  • 1 x Hand to Hand Combat Cream (75ml; full-size)