Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Champagne Diamonds

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon - Champagne Diamonds

I just couldn’t resist purchasing this eyeshadow pencil in the shade ‘Champagne Diamonds‘ when I saw it on Charlotte Tilbury’s rather fabulous (and time devouring) website.

Cheat your way to intense, bedazzling eye colour in the stroke of a pencil! Bring out your eyes’ natural gemstone sparkle with my COLOUR CHAMELEON eye shadow pencils, infused with synthetic sapphire. Enhance your natural eye colour with clever lighting tricks I’ve learnt over 20 years in the industry: using the laws of contrasting colours and light flex technology you can literally transform and enhance your natural eye colour.

• Infused with Synthetic Sapphire, a mineral gemstone with natural soft-focus powers, for a smooth, perfect finish.
• A long-lasting, easy-glide formula that smoothes on and stays in place for up to 10 hours, or until it’s time to take it off!
• Do not use inside the eyes. In case of contact with your eye, rinse thoroughly with water.
• Always make sure the cap is firmly shut to ensure your COLOUR CHAMELEON lasts as long as possible.

Make sure your pencil is as sharp as possible! Run the eye shadow pencil along the lash line and blend upwards and outwards across the socket. Sweep, blend or smudge with your finger – apply it any way you want to. Work quickly as this brilliant formula will set after 30 seconds and stay in place until it’s time to take it off!

Colour Morphing Eye Shadow Pencil for Blue Eyes

Colour Morphing Eye Shadow Pencil for Blue Eyes

The thing is, I hadn’t realised ‘Champagne Diamonds‘ wasn’t just the name of the shade, it referred to the kind of lifestyle needed to fund this make up buy. It is VERY expensive for what it is and I do feel a bit silly for buying it now, but only for that reason, the price.

Does it live up to expectations? Well, yes indeed. I was looking for a way to line my upper and lower lids with just a hint of shimmer, (a fantastic trick to brighten older eyes, the colour catches the light and makes them sparkle), but I wanted it to be subtle enough to wear during the day, I didn’t want any fallout and most importantly, I wanted it to last all day. This eyeshadow pencil ticks all those boxes.

The colour is exquisite, it’s a sophisticated, ie not ‘brassy’, gold, with the faintest hint of silver running through it. I was originally looking for something slightly more pink and if Charlotte produces a ‘Pink Champagne, Pink Diamonds’ version of this, I’m putting it on my Christmas list. I can’t bring myself to part with another £19.00 but I’ll happily accept one as a present!

The quality is not in doubt. Money has been spent on production and research and it shows. But it’s not perfect. The official blurb says ‘Make sure your pencil is as sharp as possible’, but even though it’s not ‘soft’ in texture, it blunts rapidly, as in after two uses. The photograph below was taken on day two.

Talking of sharpening, the ‘useable’ part of the pencil is 3 inches long (just over 8cms in ‘new’ money), but look at the end of the pencil, that last inch is just a plastic end piece. This is a pencil that’s going to run out very quickly.

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon - Champagne Diamonds

My other gripe is the sumptuous but superfluous, packaging. I should’ve taken a photograph, this tiny pencil arrived in its own little box, nestled in a large, artfully scrunched up sheet of aubergine tissue paper; wrapped in two more huge sheets of tissue paper; a heavy cream envelope with the receipt tucked into it and placed into another box and then in a plastic protective mailing bag. That’s a lot of packaging.

Normally, I would love such care and attention to detail, (‘signed for delivery’ too), it makes the buying experience so pleasurable and yes luxurious, but come on, it’s only one item. There are so many online retailers who offer free postage as an incentive, including a Recorded Delivery service because it’s so attractive to buyers.  I would’ve preferred a system in place that recognises that as it’s only one single item, there should be minimal packaging (less labour intensive as well, which will keep costs down) and offers free delivery.

Something else, ‘Always make sure the cap is firmly shut…‘ Well, mine is actually a bit loose, it doesn’t fit firmly, not enough to fall off in my make up bag, but enough to make me keep it separate if the lid does fall off, I can imagine, it’s completely ruined if it ‘dries’ out.

Oh and if I’m being really picky, the ‘e’ on the word ‘Charlotte’ on the lid, was already worn down and faded when I received it.

CONCLUSION – Gorgeous product, too expensive.

Charlotte Tilbury  Champagne Diamonds Eyeshadow Pencil £19.00 + £2.95 P&P
Standard 2 – 5 Days Delivery £2.95
Delivery Free with orders over £50.00

PS The lipsticks (£23.00 seems reasonable), look absolutely divine, I would buy 6 of the 10 shades on offer in a heartbeat.


COACHELLA CORAL Fallen From The Lipstick Tree

PPS You don’t think the lipstick on show is all the lipstick you get, do you?