REVIEW: Clarins ‘Be Long’ Mascara UPDATED


UPDATE: 27th January 2014

Oh dear, I never did complain to Escentual about the flakiness of this mascara. I was worried they’d ask for it back and I wouldn’t be able to get hold of another one brown in time. #hopelesscase

Yet, it still flakes but I can’t help loving this mascara and the dinky wand that gets right into the corners and the application and the way it separates my lashes.

You’re not good for me, but why can’t I quit you, Clarins Be Long Mascara?

UPDATE: 20th November 2013

There’s usually a lengthy gap between my reviews and that’s because I like to finish all of a product, especially if it’s skincare, before I post my findings. Make up, face masks and hair products are different, but I will use them at least 10 times before posting a review.

I had used (and loved) this Clarins Be Long Mascara (in brown) for about 15 days and, as you can see from the review below, praised it to high heaven. However, after three particularly late nights  (not in a row, I hasten to add, I’m not  Myleene Klass), I noticed that the mascara flaked and really badly too! Lots and lots of tiny, dotty flecks speckled under my eyes.  It was horrendous, the worst fallout I have ever seen from a product and I use Urban Decay’s Sidecar!

I don’t know if this is specific to the brown shade. I can’t find any reviews online talking about fallout, but I’ll keep searching just in case this is a problem that only appears after a while.

I still love this mascara, even if it has let me down. I have worn it all day without a hint of flake, it just doesn’t seen to like being left on too long. I’ll see what Escentual have to say about it.

What I have noticed though, is that my eyelashes are a tiny bit longer and, slightly unusual, straighter!

I’ll keep you updated.

Original Review: 25th October 2013

For years, I’ve used Dior’s Diorshow Iconic mascara on my wispy lashes. But, for whatever reason, it’s rebelling and clumping the mascara upon application. It was a freshly opened one, which I subsequently returned, but the new one did exactly the same thing. Dior have assured me that they haven’t messed about with the formulation, but something’s definitely changed. It is me?

So, being in the market for a new mascara, I did my research and found a lot of positive reviews for the relatively new Be Long Mascara by Clarins.

Create a dramatically different eye look with the Clarins Be Long Mascara, the ultimate tool for lengthening and strengthening the lashes.

Be Long Lash Complex: fortifies lashes and boosts lash growth. Lashes are coated with highly concentrated carnauba wax and filmogenic polymers, which boost the natural keratin in the lashes while providing intense colour, length and curl.

After 4 weeks of use, lashes increased in length by an average  of 1.1mm. Test conducted with 33* women for 4 weeks.

It didn’t take me long to realise that Clarins PR had actually sent out the mascara (and always in black) to a lot of the ‘big hitter’ bloggers to trial. I didn’t read a bad review from any of them, but what actually sold me on the mascara was that a few of them had posted before and after photos, which as a rule, I don’t take much notice of, but it seems the result was always the same; long lashes yes, but very natural looking ones. That’s the keyword here – natural.

The fact that it came in brown ticked the last box for me. I appreciate that many people think brown mascara is a bit wishy-washy, it’s certainly hard to find in the shops or even online and in those Free Gifts with Purchase offers, the mascara is always black. Black is gorgeous for younger blondes, but I think it’s just too harsh on older (say 40 and above), blonde women.

I bought the shade ‘Intense Brown’ and it is indeed, a very dark, dense brown. The wand is doll-like it’s so tiny, and the teeny, bendy brush is plastic and not traditional bristle. However, it’s excellent for getting to those fine wispy lashes in the inner corners.

It’s also a very thin consistency which is ideal for me because for once, I can apply two coats without it clogging, although you don’t always need a second coat with this mascara, the wow factor is evident from the first coat.

What you should be aware of and it’s something I haven’t read in any reviews, is that it’s a very ‘wet’ mascara. It’s not splashy, it won’t “dot” over your upper lid when you apply it, but if you blink, it will transfer to your bottom lid, if it gets onto bottom lashes (which it sometimes does) then that’s good, if it doesn’t then you have to gently ‘cotton bud’ it away. It’s not waterproof (boo!) but it doesn’t smudge after 8 hours wear either, hurrah!

Clarins Be Long Mascara

The wand is bent at a very slight angle (a mere 7 degrees, although not obviously apparent in my photograph!). It definitely works better that way on the inner and outer corners of the eyes. In fact, I always used to bend my mascara wands slightly, until the day the whole brush head snapped off. Lesson – not all wands are made equal!

The hype is spot on, it will lengthen, separate and elongate lashes. It is ideal for older women and our spindly lashes, as for the long-term lengthening powers it boasts of, well, I’ll let you know.

Clarins Be Long Mascara 

£21.00 at Clarins (sold out)
£20.00 at Look Fantastic (sold out)
£16.80 (plus £1.95 P &P = £18.75) at Escentual (in stock)

There are two glowing reviews on the Escentual website, I’ve not quoted them, but you should definitely read them…



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