3 SIMPLE Steps to Melting & Saving Your Used Up Lipstick

Chanel Lipstick No 47 Escapade
just can’t be bothered with this nonsense usually, but this is laughably easy AND fast.

I once wasted spent 15 minutes watching a video of a woman putting back together an eye shadow that had crumbled to near dust. It was very complicated, lots of adding tiny drops of some liquid I’ve forgotten the name of, rubbing alcohol maybe and then pressing it back into the compact. I mean, it worked but it was very messy and time-consuming.

But then another video caught my eye, it was about saving the last dregs of a favourite lipstick. I can’t find the video, but I remembered the steps and it actually worked!

My all time favourite lipstick and the only shade that truly suits me, is Chanel Hydrabase Escapade No 47, it’s practically impossible to get now as it’s been discontinued. So whilst waiting for an insanely expensive one I had to buy from Amazon to arrive, I did this.

And if *I* can do it…


You will need:

Old lipsticks – As in the ‘you can’t get anything out of the tube without digging  in deep’ ones,  I had 3 Escapade lipsticks

Cocktail stick – Or a spent match, just not a cotton wool bud

Tea light – Now, I KNOW you have one of these

Spoon – Not a teaspoon, too small

Small container – I used a little travel pot from this John Lewis Travel Set

Use the cocktail stick to scrape out all the old lipstick from the tube onto the spoon.

Hold the spoon (not too close) over the lit tea candle – a bit like cooking heroin I would imagine *note to self, do not tag ‘heroin’ onto post*

The lipstick will melt rapidly; as soon as it’s liquid, pour into the container, it will harden  immediately.

That’s it, just use a lip brush to apply.

The dregs of those three lipsticks have lasted me for months.