Renée at The Oscars – It’s a win!

Renée Zellweger Oscars

Much debate over Renee’s Oscar night appearance. Personally, I thought she looked absolutely beautiful.


Double checks it’s Renée, not Nicole.

I mean, yes, it appears (got to cover myself) that she’s had some ‘work’ done and she’s definitely got that ‘Nicole Kidman shiny face’ thing going on, but look how it’s opened up her tiny eyes.

I’m not against Botox per se, just for me. In this instance, I think Renee’s got it right, maybe she could’ve had it done a little earlier to let it ‘settle’ in, but overall, it’s spot on. What do you think? Am I blind? Is she too frozen looking?

catherine zeta

PS I thought Catherine Zeta-Jones, though heavily caked in foundation, (pesky HD cameras), looked remarkably *aherm* fresh faced…I’m surprised her make up artist didn’t think to lightly dust her parting to match her face though.

Oh and by the way, I was told by a hairdresser friend to watch out when a celebrity dramatically changes their hairstyle, because, as they’re photographed so often, it can sometimes signal that they’ve had a little ‘work’ done and the attention is focused on the hair.