Ooh, Shut That Pore!

Benefits the POREfessional

Look, if Benefit can make terrible puns, then so can I.

Most, if not all, primers contain silicone. This is because silicone acts as a barrier, it doesn’t let oil or moisture out or, it should be said, air in. It’ll smooth out skin and create a matt surface for foundation.

What the POREfessional does – unlike some primers, is fill in the pores and the areas around it. I’ve used a lot of primers that will just fill in pores, then when you apply your foundation over it, the ‘filled’ pores show through underneath and it’s really hard to shift; it’s as if you’re highlighting the pores.

POREfessional has a pleasant silky texture, you don’t need much which is just as well. I’ve been using a sample (definitely from a beauty box, maybe even Glossybox) which is 7.5ml, the full size product is £22.50 for 22ml, that makes it quite expensive, although to be fair, a little goes a long way. I’m not sure if the Benefit counters provide such generous samples but it’s always worth asking.

It’s lightly coloured, like a really milky tea, so ideal to wear on its own. It’s almost invisible once applied, so this is a great product for men too. I know  some men have huge ones (PORES!) so this will discretely cover them.

One important point, which you learn from the experience of actually using it, is that you must gently dab or pat your foundation on, otherwise you’re shifting the product around underneath and it’s liable to ‘travel’ and then loses its effectiveness.

I know a few women who tend to break out when using primers and I wonder if that’s because the skin is too clogged up with the primer and foundation on top. The silicone locks in not only moisture but will seal in any blemishes and if skin can’t breathe, spots won’t be able to heal as fast.  Just a theory.

I will definitely be purchasing the full size tube after I’ve scraped every last bit of product out of the sample.

Benefit The POREfessional PRO Balm Primer 22ml £24.50