When make up and bronzer fight back (UPDATED)

It’s so wrong to enjoy seeing photos of celebrities with disastrous and heavy handed make up on and yet, it IS enjoyable isn’t it? Come on, you know you love it.

Then again, we’ve ALL been there. I’ve put my make up on in bright, early morning sunshine or in dim winter light, caught sight of myself in a shop window and wondered why Baby Jane was staring back at me.

It’s just comforting to know that on days when my make up for no reason whatsoever,  just won’t sit right, that with legions of make up artists and stylists on standby, celebs too can leave the house looking a fright; although to be fair,  they suffer the added indignity of being papped and their photos sent around the globe and shared on blogs by their mean spirited sistas.

Yup, been there, done that.

As for fake tan mishaps, if you’re of a certain age then these two  little words will bring back unpleasant memories, “Duo Tan”.  Applied from just about the knees down, heaven help you if a freak gust of wind blew your skirt up to expose radio-active legs and deathly white thighs.

What were we thinking? Why weren’t we put off by the colour? A grubby looking  browny orange? Seriously, the reality tv stars and WAGS of today are mere amateurs compared to us lot in the late 80s; or that very distinctive odour, ‘biscuity’ is far too flattering (it was much worse), or, that it was nigh on impossible to scrub it off in the morning if you over applied the night before. I recall I once used a brillo pad to try to rub the colour off my heels, without success, I might add.

So my point is, don’t feel guilty looking at these photos, they are all beautiful people, just having a really (really) bad make up day *evil cackle*