10 x Magnification Vanity Mirror

10 x Magnification Vanity Mirror
Brave? Yeah, I like to think so. You need balls to buy a mirror with a 10 x magnification spec when you’re a 55-year-old woman (or man), but once you’ve done it, you will never go back. I mean, you’ll want to, but you won’t.

I was in TK Maxx to stock up on Hotel Balfour acrylic pots – prettier, more robust and a little bit cheaper than the Muji ones, when I spotted and bought, a stylish chrome vanity mirror to replace my old one.

Danielle Vanity Mirror
There was an annoying sticker with ’10 x’ on it which took ages to carefully scrape off. I didn’t think much of it until I used it the next day when I was putting my make up on.

Holy sh$t! I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I hadn’t realised my old mirrors were 5 x magnification (as is the norm I think). It was like looking at that old lady who plays Kate Winslet at the beginning of Titanic.

Wrinkles, lines and blemishes were magnified to an absolutely shocking ‘I can’t look, but have to’ degree. Even worse, those sparse little chinny hairs looked like only a ride on mower would cut them down.

Pores were the size of moon craters – and all over my cheeks. It was horrendous and yet, I couldn’t stop examining my face. That said, I think it’s one of my best ever buys.

If you’re over 40, then you really do need this mirror. Firstly, to ensure make up is applied properly, although I have to admit, it’s added an unwanted and inconvenient 10 minutes to my make up routine (15 on a really bad day). But, I can now apply eyeliner and mascara like a pro, no more smudges or wonky lines. Actually, whatever age you are, if you wear make up, you should get a mirror like this.

The magnification is also perfect for eyebrows, I hadn’t realised how straggly mine were before; applying false eyelashes will be a piece of cake too. You’ll notice as well, how all concealers seep into every line underneath the eyes and need serious blending out.

Top tip – keep checking back in the ‘normal’ mirror on the flip side, you sometimes forget that everything is hugely magnified, the first time I did my make up I looked like a drag queen, too much of everything.

Secondly, it will really help when removing every trace of foundation, eye make up etc and applying anti-ageing products and then seeing what really works. You seem to take more notice of your skin when you see it close up and you’ll know if there’s a tangible improvement.

The mirror is a decent weight, it doesn’t feel flimsy, there’s no distortion and it’s a reasonable price at £19.99. You should be able to get a 10 x mirror at most places, but I’ve seen the exact one I bought on Amazon UK for £21.00. It’s the Danielle Vanity Mirror in Chrome, 20 cm. The reviews are mostly positive, although this one made me laugh:

WOW way too much information about my complexion!

I think there’s also an LED light up version from the same company (it’s on US Amazon), for now though, this is enough for me.

Be brave and get one!

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